The Adventure Capitalism is up and running fine. It still bothers me though…I feel as though something is wrong. My headaches have become near constant, and the medication from the medbay have done little to stop it. Something happened, of that I am sure, but the crew just go on with their lives. There have been reports of a dramatic increase in men and women screaming bloody murder in the night. I don’t envy those sent across as liaisons to the Purity of Insanity, rechristened the Fury. That whole ship rubs me the wrong way.

But enough of my damned superstitions. We have work to do. I am almost done assigning the crew their duties for getting both ships underway to the same destination. We’re headed further into the Expanse, past the charted regions by about a week of warp travel. The Fury can travel at amazing speeds through the warp for a battlecruiser. It is fortunate our ship can keep up with it, though since the fury is the slowest, it will be the pace-setter. It is not known whether or not Lady Castus and her command crew will be on the Fury or the Capitalism. I would almost rather they were on the Fury to keep a close eye on things over there. I’m wary of flying next to such a massive ship without any of our command staff on board.

I passed Master Albane in the hall on my way to the Capitalism’s bridge, and he seemed singularly focused on supervising his areas of the ship before we confirm destination coordinates. I worry about Senescal Phorcys as well. He has not eaten for an entire day.

Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

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