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Albane Log VI

Questionable Calls

My meeting with Meseri was chilling. I found that I liked him, he was far less repulsive than I had thought a xenos would be; but still the news he had brought me was disconcerting. I didn’t know the half of it.

As we approached Primus, Lady Castus was extremely cautious and ordered our withdrawl after fruitless scanning. We stood by for a time, but it began to seem apparent that Lady Castus was happy to simply wait in orbit for something to happen. After waiting quietly in orbit for some time, my patience ran out and I requested permission to conduct recon. Stubber took the opportunity to come along with, but no other crew members seemed interested. A few of the Kasrkin came along with as well and we did a fly over. It was pretty quiet during the fly by, and as we tracked one of the energy sources, I found a strange set of structures. It appeared to be a flight facility, but not one that I knew. The hanger stunk of Xenos but not a form I knew. My first impulse was to attempt to assault and damage the flyers inside before they could attempt a lift off, but caution and diplomacy won out. We set down a short distance away and sent a servo skull for long-range recon, keeping the engines primed for a quick lift-off.

Everything was all quiet until the servo skull was suddenly and swiftly destroyed. The images we captured showed what appeared to be imperial troopers but using xeno weaponry to destroy it. Power started cycling to life all over the surface and we were lifted off and on our way. We were engaged but imperial fliers that were pretty clearly nothing like imperial fliers- they flew like nothing I’d ever seen before. Still, I kept them from getting much of a bead on us.

It was fancier flying than I’m used to doing in the gun cutter, but it held together as we ducked through buildings and dodged that purple heat-goo they were spewing at us. The las-guns were at a high-point in their operation as well, and we knocked one of those fliers about, making it drop the illusion and shields it was flying under to show its very clearly xeno design but not one I knew. I learned in a hurry that they were bloody fast though. Even at my best, the gun-cutter was not an ideal craft for dog-fighting and they clipped us pretty good, but luckily not enough to bring us down. They fell back after we peeled off their concealment and we were able to make our escape. After docking with the Capitalism I went to report but we were already being contacted by the surface. The creature who contacted us was definitely Eldar, but nothing like Meseri. Looking about what we saw of him, the human slaves he had blank faced about him, I immediately found myself possessed of all the righteous hatred the Imperium taught me for the Xenos that I couldn’t find for Meseri.

I was preparing to go to battle, it seemed we held a tactical advantage with their fliers not able to touch us in orbit, and it did not seem terribly difficult to knock out their power-grid even with our inaccurate ordinance, or at the very least disable it so that the webway connection would fail, leaving them without any method of return. Seeing the way they live, I wouldn’t think they could rebuild it even if they wanted, slaves would be too unskilled and the rest too hedonistic and lazy; little pleasure to be had in the rebuilding of a blasted power-grid after all.
Lady Castus, however, took a different approach. She talked with the creature and before I knew what was happening or could make a move to object, we were brokering a deal with them. This wasn’t a deal about trading goods or services, we made a deal to steal people’s lives from them while pretending to be their friends.

Everything about this feels wrong. I swore my loyalty to Lady Castus, and I will not sway from the mission but… well I never expected this. To say I have misgivings is an understatement, and what’s more bothersome is that it seems I am the only one on the crew that does. One thing is certain, Lady Castus is not very much like her sister.

After I had nearly bankrupted my family trying to help the poor of humanity, and gave up my wealth to serve the Imperium, doing something like this, such a willing betrayal feels so horrible with me that I don’t know how long I can abide it. I find myself dreaming of being able to blast those damnable creatures off the face of their stolen world once we have the Battle Cruiser to do it with.

Actually, I may be wrong about being the only one with serious misgivings, Meseri has been extremely withdrawn since our dealings with these “dark” Eldar. Knowing the truth about him, I worry for him. It seems terribly lonely, living with none of his brethren, isolated in this human ship. Seeing those like him though, I can understand why he wanted no part of it.

After brokering the deal, Lady Castus arranged the first ‘shipment’ and then we set off to keep our schedule and return to footfall. Upon landing, I went straight for the bar; I needed a drink. I don’t expect I’ll stop needing that drink in the near future.


+200 XP

Albane Log VI

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