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Albane Log VIII

Thee, form of flame, shall I then fear? Yes, I am Faust: I am thy peer!

In earliest literature, we read again and again about the temptations and the dangers of dealing with the devil.
Even now as I look out the bay window at the mighty Fury of Terra floating beside us, I shiver as it cuts through the void beside us. Without a doubt, it’s an enviable ship- mightier than nearly any I had served upon, save only the very few, but the price for the ship was far, far too high. A discount in comparison for our lives I suppose though.

I feel quite certain that it would serve us well, and would be more than happy to use it to obliterate those Dark Eldar back on Primus. Doing so, I would even hope that we might see the ship disabled or hulked in a more permanent fashion. I feel so agitated and put on edge making deals with this Daemon.

After communication was lost, the Capitalism was evidently boarded by what could only be described as hordes of the dead. We were largely unaware of the extent of the damage and the reality of our imminent defeat as we tried and tried to learn what had transpired. I pulled out my pict-recorder and found that through the lens, we were quite surrounded by what was perhaps a scene of the past, or perhaps something that was even currently transpiring in some alternate realm. I have no real knowledge of such things, but it was clear this was the doing of the Daemon that had been summoned. When I tried to interact with one of them, the woman was pulled away and tortured to death, having her eyes pulled from her like the others. It was the same woman I had seen twice before now; at three times, she cannot be a coincidence, but her mystery will have to wait.

I observed them for some time, but there seemed no useful information to be attained until I made an experiment. Through my pict-recorder, I could still see the Daemonic Script clearly upon the wall. I began to wonder if the pict-recorder was showing me a more accurate picture of what was around us rather than my senses that were more easily manipulated by daemonic entities than were our tech. I took a cleaning brush, borrowing it from the remaining techpriest (the other one Malakai brought sort of exploded…) and attempted to clean the bloodied marking from the wall. Some brief scratching did little to remove it, but it certainly got the attention of everything around me. All the eyeless creatures stopped what they were doing and turned to me, somehow watching me with those empty sockets. I got Stubber’s attention and had him look about as well at them. Unbeknownst to me, one of the once-men was approaching me from behind. Stubber gave it a shove and surprisingly it felt the blow and stumbled. He drew me back into combat formation with the Karskin, who had engaged electronic optics. The creatures began to advance and one of the Karskin delivered a blow from his knife which made it fade away. All at once, they all did. I scanned about the room as quickly as I could but couldn’t see anything more, but was still left with the feeling of dread like something was about to happen.

There was little else we could do now without more information. I knew I would have to read the rest of the summoning, would have to try to hold onto my sanity as I did so. I told Lady Castus my plan and she gave me the go-ahead and I began to read. It was a… violent read… but an enlightening one. I will not write all the things here that I learned from the reading, but I learned the Daemon’s name. I recorded the runes with great care, separating their elements in my notes for future reference- the information may be invaluable sometime to come. Against my better judgement, but by Lady Castus’ command, I called the creature to us. He appeared, disgracing the body of the fallen Karskin and morphing it grotesquely as he spoke to us. I had to bite my tongue to keep myself in check around it, part of me wanted to assault the creature then and there, but I knew it would do no good to do so, and in all honesty would probably result in my own immediate death- its power far outweighed anything I could possibly muster against it… for now…

Lady Castus struck a deal, the Daemon gave us his ship in return for our destroying, or at least making impotent the mystery cargo item. After the deal was struck, the crew reappeared, although were still quite less than human. Power returned and the ship returned to much of its former glory. I tried to bargain to have its crew back, but the creature wouldn’t have it- perhaps there would be an opportunity later. The Capitalism was restored, which was extremely relieving. The Daemon seemed visibly perturbed be me… something which I quite relished; and when he pushed each of us into unconsciousness, I was thrilled that he had to work a little harder to do so with me.

Upon our return to the waking world, we set out to secure the cargo that Nixios wanted delivered and the Daemon wanted destroyed. I was surprised, but not greatly, to find that inside the crate was a simple looking book. At first glance, it appeared to be a holy writ of the Emperor. Moments after Stubber began reading however, it appeared to deeply effect him. I was very suspect of the book, it appeared to be what brought ruin to the Fury of Terra 5000 years previously, and was very concerned for Stubber as he went to go and read. Several hours later, he was rocking back and forth in a barely conscious state. It’s as I feared, the book is Daemonic somehow. Lady Castus ordered it brought to the Capitalism, but I didn’t want it brought in without knowing what it was, for fear it may do to us as it did to the Fury. I needed more information, and I knew that besides a now unresponsive Stubber, only Meseri was qualified to tell me what was in this book. With the corporeal sanctification, I knew I would be more resistant to its power than most on board, and tucked it with me for safe keeping until I could attain some sort of protection or assurance of what it was. I was tempted to read it, but feared too much what it may do to me. Admittedly, part of me still wants to open it up and see what I may learn- perhaps something very useful could be in those pages… but I don’t know if it’s worth my mind to learn.

After returning the book to the coffin, I set the astropaths to keeping it contained and then returned to find Lady Castus waiting for me. From the look she had, she knew that I had taken the book from the cargo area before and demanded an answer as to why. I knew how it looked, and I answered her as best as I was able, although I left out the part about my temptation to actually read the tome. She informed me of its contents and origination, and knowing it was of daemon writ did put an end to much of my temptation to read it. We had dinner with Meseri for the first time following that, although all he ate was a strange coffee sort of drink. Even so, I was glad that he was well. I was able to speak to him for a time following that, and found far more understanding in what I learned.
I also came to learn that the book could help him repair his relations with his people. Frankly, I don’t know much about what transpired or how Eldar society works, but Meseri has been invaluable in his service to us, and is perhaps the only xenos I would consider calling a friend. If we could help him by giving the book to his people, I am far more inclined to do so. When we met with the Daemon, he seemed… partially agreeable to the compromise. Frankly, I do not trust the Daemon at all, and I dislike that the true command of the Fury lies with him. If I didn’t already know that the Daemon stood to gain something by using us rather than killing us, then I would worry that the looming battleship at our stern might open fire at any given time based upon the Daemon’s whims and obliterate us point blank. I am quite… uncomfortable with the situation.

After we were preparing to get underway, I went to meet with Meseri in his quarters. I felt I owed him a few apologies, presenting him with the book and his being so seriously injured as a result of my commands. I was relieved to find he held not grudges and entertained some of my questions. The idea that I may be able to learn Eldar pilotry is quite exciting for me, hopefully Lady Castus will be amendable to the alterations Meseri suggested to make it possible. Now, it’s time I return to the CIC and report for duties, we’re about to get underway. Log concluded.


+200 XP

Albane Log VIII

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