Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Log 5 - Augustine H. Castus

Well, if it weren’t for the damnable drug-haze, I would have been better able to participate in recent endeavours. Needless to say, I even missed out on our meeting with Nixios. For the most part I believe they bargained well, though I am concerned about this venture we agreed to. Why does he want a ship of that size? And with that kind of reputation behind it, why is he willing to risk such ill effects? At the very least, a 30% share for a specific item of cargo seems like a sound investment, but something to keep an eye on. And having him willingly offer 50% partnership for bringing back the battlecruiser is phenomenal. Though we must not allow profit alone to cloud our judgment.

After looking at the new data Vauntus has recovered about the Purity of Insanity, it would seem we are dealing with no ordinary ship, even among battlecruisers. Bombardment cannons? Including the rest of the armaments on the vessel, it contains enough power to execute exterminatus on an entire planet with more to spare. Though this is worrisome it is not overly so, as to crew such a vessel requires just short of 100000 men. And with its curse and rumors of hauntings (some of which may even be substantiated), maintaining crew morale would be an endeavour in and of itself. Speaking of crew, I am informed that we have people scouring Footfall for skilled spacers including specialists such as navigators and astropaths, bridge officers and tech priests. We will also be temporarily donating part of our crew, approximately 5000 men, and we will hopefully be able to acquire more in the Mikor 17G system, though it seems to have its own set of problems that need dealing with.

But the past 5 days have been good for my health. I am told that we will need to escort a mass transport vessel to and from the Purity, but it will provide us with crew transport that we need for the duration. So, all total, our travel times remaining are: 4 days back to footfall to link up with the Transport and the rest of the skeleton crew, and 7 days slow warp travel from there accompanying it to the Purity’s appearance point. With 5 days already passed, that means we have only 14 days remaining in this system to clear up their raider issue and get as many people as can fit in our makeshift cargo holds. I have a contingent of techpriests overseeing temporary conversion of our cargo holds with additional crew facilities and waste management. It won’t be cozy, but it will be functional. We may even be able to take on more than anticipated if the Lord Governor will allow for it. Especially since we promise to return commerce and trade to his system, he can certainly afford to break with a number of his population to enable that to happen.

The news of raiders in this system worries me. Seeing in our data that Mikor Primus was mainly in use as a mining and refinery operation before the evacuation troubles me. If the raiders have access to that grade of equipment, there’s no telling what we may encounter. Alternatively, what if the Mechanicus disturbed something with their mining? We will find out soon enough though. From what I hear over the ship’s chatter, we are preparing to raise grav anchor and head off towards Primus, which is on the other side of the sun at the moment. It should only take us the better part of a day to arrive, but I will order the gun crews to double their drills. I will inform them that the fastest gun crew will receive double their grog ration when this is all over. That should give them something to work for.



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