Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Log 6 - Augustine H. Castus

They just doesn’t understand. A few thousand lives in exchange for a system able to live in peace is nothing. Such is the way of the Imperium of man. The Imperial Guard throw untold billions of lives at threats every day, this is hardly so much a sacrifice as a property tax. Though I do not agree with the Dark Eldar’s methods, there is more to gain from this than I care to admit to the others. Meseri warned me against dealing with them, and has spoken little since we made the agreement. From what he tells me, the Eldar have a means of travel unlike any we humans even conceived possible. I must learn more of this “Webway”. Though the increase in power is worrisome, to say the least. He has recently emerged from his chambers to speak a warning:

“I have been unfair to you, Augustine. I have spoken a mistruth. I have encountered the Dark Eldar before, though I do not care to go into details any more than I would about my less hedonistic craftworld kindred. I can help you, though. Expect betrayal. If you insist on dealing with the Fallen Ones, then you must be aware of a few things. They are an unforgiving foe and do not respect for long any they see as week or of feeble intellect. They live in a world within the webway called Commoragh. They live lives of plots and betrayal like you or I breathe the air in this ship. A saying I once heard goes: ‘A day without death is a day without sunshine’. It sounds better in Eldar. In any case, remember that unless you are able to demonstrate that you are worthy of respect in their eyes, they will simply hunt you down and kill you one way or another. Be careful not to slip too far into the darkness, some find that it is difficult to get out again if you lose your way.”

Odd words, but at least he was straightforward for an Eldar. I may have to note that saying, “A day without death is a day without sunshine.” It has a ring to it, I’ll give him that much. I am unsure of where this little pact with Archon Toleyn will go, but I need to concoct a backup plan that doesn’t revolve around brute force. If I can gain the respect, however grudging, of the Dark Eldar then they will be less likely to attempt to cross me. I f I were to engage them with brute force, they would undoubtedly be able to outmanoeuvre us in naval combat as well as on the ground. If I demonstrate my superiority in such a way that doesn’t leave me open to military counter (when I have no real military to defend with), I may be able to secure the system more permanently against the Dark Eldar threat.



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