Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Log 7 - Augustine H. Castus

Hulked vessels have a strange effect on people. My father once related a story of a dear friend of his in the Inquisition once was tasked with exploring a conglomerate hulk known as “Harbinger of Sorrows”. She told my father of some of the terrible things she saw aboard, the literal stuff of nightmares. I met her several times in my youth before father vanished for many years. She regaled me with all manner of stories, and until I actually set foot aboard the Purity of Insanity, I had thought they were just stories. Until I set foot aboard, I had some hope that we might just get out of this intact. That hope has been shattered. The fractured communications have made it impossible to transmit back to the ship, and what communications got through in the last few minutes worry me beyond all else. What happens when a Rogue Trader loses her ship and everyone under her command? I fear that more than anything else and the forces at work seem intent on stripping me of all of it.

Hopefully this record survives, even if I do not. This ship is infested with…something. There have been strange occurrences plaguing us since its arrival at the designated coordinates. It even seemed to pop out of warp travel antagonistically, nearly colliding with my ship. It just loomed there before us, like a massive corpse, no running lights, no engine power signatures at all. We pulled up to the keel and docked. We took a group of Kasrkin with us and it took nearly a whole day to navigate the internals without any power to reach the bridge. Visions were plaguing some of the others the whole time, and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that crept down my spine.

We had already been on the bridge for a few minutes when one of the kasrkin dropped dead. His vitals display reported he had been dead for 8 hours. The most disturbing thing was that his eyes were removed. Later, after we got the generators jump-started, we all saw the woman Vahn described earlier. She also had no eyes, and she shrieked. I’m not sure if it came through the vox channels, or we heard it in our minds, but it shook us badly. Then we noticed the ship powering to full. Communication systems are offline now. What came through from Vauntus fills me with dread. Apparently, he has used his override code, and there are things over there on my ship.

Emperor save us all.



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