Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Log 8 - Augustine H. Castus

I am beginning to wonder if this will all be worth it? Not in a profit sense of course, but in the greater scheme of the Imperium. I have a xeno bodyguard, I’ve made deliveries of human slaves to Dark Eldar, and now I’ve made a deal with a Daemon who I now owe more because I wanted to change the terms. Have I gone too far? Perhaps allowing Vahn to read the book to gain some leverage over Doscimael wouldn’t be a bad idea… Regardless, I now have the Fury under my command, even if only through the Daemon’s influence. The sheer destructive power on this ship, on closer inspection, would enable it to stand toe-to-toe with even a battleship. My main quandary at the moment, is how to outwit a daemon into giving me full control of the ship, even if I have to populate it with mortal crew. The less I have to rely on him the better.

I do not know what would have happened if we had let the horror continue aboard my old ship, but surely this deal was inevitable.

I am glad, however, that he was amenable to the change of terms. This will allow Meseri to reestablish contact with his people. It could be many hundreds of years before such an opportunity were to arise again for him. Who knows, we may even be able to get a peek at this “other group” of Eldar.

The crew are having nightmares. Undoubtedly from Doscimael’s influence or the book’s. Either one, it matters not. I want that book off my ship as soon as possible. Though with the 2 week journey ahead of us, we will be spending much more time with it that I would like. I hope that an astropathic shield will be enough…



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