Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 110

In which we are horrible people.

Our latest romp through the void has led to some interesting discoveries. Discovery number one, the first planet in this emperor-forsaken system is inhabited by xenos. Dark eldar, to be precise. They seem to only possess limited-range ships, but they are dangerous nonetheless.

Our shipmates ventured down to the planet and found the eldar there. Their ground craft posess some kind of emitter which allows them to mimic the appearance of other craft. The numerous applications and advantages this sort of technology would grant us far outweigh any cost we would pay in acquiring a few working sets. I imagine with enough time, I could construct a device to the scale of our ship. WE MUST OBTAIN EXAMPLES OF THIS DEVICE.

Unfortunately, lady castus seemed only interested in trading some of the “volunteers” from the second world for xenos cooperation in our endeavors there. Not only would these souls have been put to superior use as murder-servitors, but I also fear that this could have dire repercussions should the inhabitants of secundus learn of our endeavors, or should the dark eldar learn of the proximity of other human colonies and ships. I will seek a way to extinguish these vile xenos from the world, so that we might lay claim to its riches. Perhaps a biological weapon? or perhaps we could convince other inhabitants of this sector to attack.

Regardless of the means, i shall join our voidmaster in consuming large quantities of inebriants while i calculate the best course of action in this endeavor, as well as our coming raid on the lost battlecruiser Purity of Insanity.

Note. Equip the adventure capitalism with a component of murder-servitors for future boarding actions. It strikes my memory now that they are less prone to incapacitation than this useless lot that need voidsuits and are capable of dying.


Interesting take on a tech-priest. Point of note: murder servitors are for hit-and-run attacks ONLY. That means you have to have some way (boarding torpedoes, assault boats, teleportarium to name a few) of getting them to the other ship. Your ship is not a warship and it is not capable of mounting those components, even if you completely reconfigured it, sadly. It is not even qualified as a “ship of the line”.

+200 XP though :)

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 110

I’m kind of confused by the voice of your character — you are willing to craft a xenos mimic engine (which I don’t really think has a lot of practical use for a non-warship) and yet claim the Dark Eldar to be “vile xenos”. While I agree that they are not the most savory of individuals, it doesn’t seem likely that you would take such extreme, conflicting positions since humans believe that a species and their tech are intrinsically linked (if a species is vile, than their tech is vile).

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 110

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