Archon Toleyn

Not so benevolent leader of the Kabal on Mikor Primus


What you know of Archon Toleyn is not pleasant, but at least a deal was made which spared both parties the time and effort of full scale war. He is the leader of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Sundered Soul. He is currently known to deal in human slaves from the only other known inhabited world in the system, Mikor Secundus. They have some form of massive webway gate on the planet’s surface that evidently leads through an efficient way to their home, Commoragh. They have so far been able to shield their true identity from the humans in the sector with their ship systems making them appear like human vessels. Toleyn is apparently more than willing to cut a deal and cease all raiding for a yearly “stipend” of 5000 good quality slaves, 50% male and 50% female delivered to them on Primus.

Whether or not he will keep his word or not, nobody knows. Even Meseri cannot say what Archon Toleyn’s true intentions are.

He is known to be allied with the Wych cult known as the Paroxysm of Resplendent Agony, led by the Succubus Mallisteth. To what degree they cooperate is unknown at this time.

Archon Toleyn

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