Rogue Trader Augustine Haxta Castus

Rogue Trader of the Great House Castus


The firstborn daughter of the Great House Castus and a bearer of the family’s ancient Warrant of Trade, Lady Castus is a powerful figure in her own right. Having served in the Imperial Navy and distinguishing herself under the command of the renowned Fleet Admiral Tiberius Breihl aboard the Lunar class cruiser flagship: Hammer of Salvation, she declined promotion to the echelons of upper leadership in order to pursue her destiny as a Rogue Trader. Her sound tactical mind as well as her grasp of combat doctrine endeared her to many, and the Navy lamented the loss of such as her.

One of her most intrepid actions was when she was given the opportunity to command the fleet in action under the supervision of Admiral Breihl against a marauding fleet of vile ork ram-ships. After pummeling the oncoming ork cruiser with a macrocannon broadside, she ordered the forward torpedo tubes loaded with macromelta warheads and then had the tubes closed to brace for a head-on collision as the enemy ship’s plasma drives flared to life with intent to board. Thanks to the cruiser’s more armored prow, the collision did more damage to the ork ship, but they were lodged together and the real fight began. She ordered the crack anti-boarding teams to begin their assault and the counter boarders to target the enemy’s engine room with high-yield explosives. Whit that, she relinquished command back to Admiral Breihl and took a small squad of elite naval defense troopers to combat the boarding orks personally. Her presence bolstered the morale of the troops she encountered as she led the fight corridor by bloody corridor using the home turf to her fullest advantage. It took hours, but using a modification of standard combat doctrine from the navy’s Tactica Imperialis, she clustered the orks into void bays and vented them into space. There was one point of resistance that bears special mention, however. In the final minutes of the clash, her forces hit resistance near the ork ship. A group of orks led by a nob had the cunning to hold out in a cargo bay they jammed shut. The fight was a hard one, but eventually it came to close quarters to determine the outcome. Face to face with the hulking nearly 3 meter tall ork, it was all she could do to parry its blows with her power sword. Seeing an opening, she sheared through its huge cleaver and the blade sizzled as she embedded it in the giant’s chest. She was horrified when it grabbed her arm, dwarfing it in its enormous hand. It gurgled something and then roared in her face as it brought its pistol to bear against her cheek and she swore she saw her own death at the hands of this monster…and then it slumped over, dead. Quickly gathering her wits, she ordered medicae teams to tend the wounded as she heard notification from the demolitions teams now back safely on their ship that they had set charges to blow the enemy’s plasma drives. She relayed the request to Admiral Breihl for full retro-thrust to break free from the ork ship. With an ear-shattering metallic screech, they wrenched free and she gave the order to open all torpedo tubes and unload all ordinance into the ork cruiser. Needless to say, the following explosion was magnificent and sent the remainder of the orks fleeing into the asteroid field.

Lady Castus’ Rogue Trader ceremony was attended by many a noble alongside her former comrades in the Imperial Navy. A ceremony which lasted for a full week, I might add. Now she finds herself at the edge of the Koronus Expanse, ready to expand her empire and prove that the Castus House will remain a great power until the end of time.

Rogue Trader Augustine Haxta Castus

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