Rogue Trader Uriah Nixios

Current ruler of Footfall


Uriah Nixios has been the ruler of Footfall for the past 50 years, as was his father before him. The Nixios family is a more recent Rogue Trader family, only dating lineage to the past few hundred years, though he now has the resources of Footfall at his disposal. He runs high taxation rates in general, and while Footfall has not languished under his rule, it has not prospered either.

He made meeting with you all a priority within your first day and arrived at your new estate in Footfall within a few hours. He arrived with a retinue of Kroot bodyguards and two other individuals, one appearing to be an adept and the other a more mysterious individual dressed simply in robes.

They must have jamming equipment as well as psychic shielding.

His "letter of Marque was not renewed officially under his name, so he paid off people in the administratum to allow him to change his name to his father’s as well as not declare his father dead. In doing so before the nullification of the Letter of Marque, he was technically able to assume his father’s legal identity.

Rogue Trader Uriah Nixios

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