Stubber Phorcys

A seasoned conman who wants to believe he's in it for the money.


Growing up on a hive world with no parental guidance can yield an unsavory variety of results. After getting his start as an urchin, pickpocket and beggar, Stubber was eventually recruited by a mid-sized gang. They had him join a rival gang and be a double-agent, something he did remarkably well at despite the constant threat of discovery and death. After playing key roles in the collapse of several local gangs, he deserted and traveled nearly halfway across the planet to find a new start. He went by a variety of names, passing himself off as scum in some parts of town and near-nobility in others. He acquired a Stub revolver, and “Stubber” became his most common alibi.

Over time, his cons grew more elaborate and more lucrative. But when brutal class warfare broke out, things changed…

Stubber Phorcys

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