Eldar Runecaster

A Xeno device that aids in Warp Navigation


Nobody (with the exceptions of Lady Castus and Meseri the navigator of the Adventure Capitalism) know what the runecaster inside the dedicated navigator’s deck looks like. That is because nobody else has ever been permitted to enter the secured suite. The techpriest enginseers may not like the wraithbone overgrowths that have appeared near the generatorium, but the fact that the runecaster enables much faster and relatively safer warp travel leads to little in the way of verbal complaint. The runecaster itself is psychically connected to thousands of nearly imperceptible wraithbone “antennae” on the external hull of the ship, each no more than a few inches in length. It uses these sensor nodules to detect subtle changes in the warp and allow a navigator to intuit which currents to ride and avoid as well as allow for much faster warp travel.


Eldar Runecaster

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