Vahn's Custom Hand Cannon

weapon (ranged)
Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Magazine Size Reload Weight Availability
Pistol 35m S/-/- 1d10+4 I 2 5 2 Full 3kg Unique

Best Craftsmanship

In essence, Vahn’s custom hand-cannon is no different from any other, apart from its extraordinary craftsmanship. It fires projectiles of the same calibur, and is compatible with no more or less attachments or other benefits than an ordinary hand-cannon.
One notable difference is that it utilizes revolver action rather than magazine loading, the break-apart reloading action taking more time than the magazine loading, but fires more reliably and can load separate ammunition types in controllable fashion.


Vahn Albane was awarded this pistol by his captain during his tour aboard the Lionheart for exemplary performance by himself and his wing during a conflict with an Ork battle-group.

The Lionheart was part of a battle-group that met against them nearby a forge world and found itself pitted against against a superior Hammer Battlekroozer. By a stroke of extraordinary luck and heavy cost, Vahn’s fighter wing closed upon the hull of the ship past its suppressive batteries and salvo fire. Upon heavy bombardment and attack, they disabled the ship’s Nova Cannons, which action saved the Lionheart and allowed it to close and destroy the Ork ship.

Ironically, nearly two years after his receiving it, Vahn used the very pistol his captain had given him to execute his captain after the warp had taken him. It was one of the few possessions from his life as a naval officer that he’s kept with him regularly since attaining.

It’s not clear where his captain attained the weapon before giving it to Vahn.

Vahn's Custom Hand Cannon

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