Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 10
In which we dock our ship

So, we have arrived at footfall. Besides the location, it is utterly uninteresting. No rumors of any strange technology, nothing new to analyze or experiment with. Not a whisper.

Anyway, it seems the political situation on the station is quite… fluid. Our rouge trader’s warrant gives us power over the entire station, but there seems to be another trader already here. He goes by the name of Uriah Nixios.

We hired some mercenaries and established a base camp. Swept the area for bugs. We also learned that nixios had kroot with him. i wonder if they have any new technology or nonstandard weapons. Must find their ship.

Additionally, I (with a little assistance from our psyker) got into the central data core and did some reaserch. Additional details forthcoming.

Log 2 - Albane
Friends in low places

Footfall was every bit the scum haven I expected, which to be honest makes me smile.
Upon our landing, we were greeted by a group of mercenaries which Lady Castus lost no time at all in recruiting. Each of them former guardsmen or navy, fine soldiers every one of them; they’ll make a worthy addition to the crew.
I spent a fair amount of time with Stubber- strange name for a strange man, but I like the b**tard… he’s my kind of scum. He and I drew a bit of a crowd as we tried to sway public opinion to our favor. All my high breeding and educated tongue weren’t nearly so up for the task as what he did on charm alone. We walked away with several referrals for parties interested in maintaining our interests- I think we might be able to make a mutually beneficial deal.

Now, I’m not one to buy heavily into rumors, but if half of what I’m hearing is true, this ‘rogue trader’ that’s running this place illegitimately is quite the piece of work. Claiming the title of rogue trader, an errand personally endorsed by the Emperor himself, using fraudulent documents to legitimize himself? Committing fraud with the name of the Emperor? If it’s true, the man has a lot to answer for, greater men have met their ends for less.

If life is truly the Emperor’s currency, then this man may soon have to spend his to pay back the shame of his blasphemy…

Log 1 - Augustine H. Castus

Today was the first day that we have all been together in while. We had a mishap on board. Some warp…thing found its way on the ship. I will need to talk to him about this. His knowledge might shed some light on the incident and possibly on the incident involving the death cult.

Footfall is within reach. I am ready to set up new contacts in the expanse here and extend the reach of our influence within the Imperium.

I am pleased that Vahn is here with me, though I think he is a bit jarred by all this. I am glad that Alexis loved that man, because I know I can trust him. The senschal is an excellent asset as well, as long as he keeps his head down. They all seem to have a sense of unpredictability which is good in this field, though you never quite know what that will bring you. The psyker is a fine astropath and is very connected. She will need to be careful. And the techpriest is very talented, but too quiet. We’ve been together a few months now, but I feel like I don’t know them yet.

And now off to supper. A toast then, to long friendships and even longer trade deals.


Seneschal Stubber Phorcys
Incompetent Assassins: A good omen, or merely a message?

I’m not a stranger to subservience. I’ve been under the wing of some gang lord or revolutionary for the better part of my days. However, I’ve never been indebted to any of them; I worked hard for my keep, and I was too valuable for them too lose. Lady Castus, on the other hand, has taken me on at great risk, risk that I know my utility does not come close to outweighing. This forced indebtedness, while truly uncomfortable at first, has grown into a kind of loyalty that I did not previously think myself capable of.

Which is why I find it irksome that someone is trying to kill her.

Emperor knows it was a pathetic effort. Substandard hired guns, low-end weaponry… at first I didn’t know whether to be shocked or simply offended at the lack of meaningful thought put into it.

There’s also the possibility that this is merely a proverbial warning shot, a message. It means there’s someone out there of reasonable intelligence trying to control and intimidate us. If that’s the case, then perhaps this is more of a threat than it originally appeared to be.

But an assassination attempt is an assassination attempt, and that means whoever called it is going to die. After all, we can’t just forgive and forget out here, we need to show the public that you simply don’t mess with the Castuses. We let this slide and the repercussions will eventually reach our bottom line. I’ll do some digging in port to see what I can find out.

As for the rest of our crew, I suppose they’re all OK. The tech priest is a walking model of utility, the psyker sliced that demon all by herself (I think, anyway), and I hear there’s a void master I haven’t met yet. Perhaps I’ll invite him to Fight Night.

September 12th - Vahn Albane

Bloody hangovers…

I shouldn’t be this bothered, I wasn’t even that drunk last night.
Damn she looks just like her sister though.

So that night, I waited at the bar, probably drinking more than I should have before meeting with an employer. I had to sober up pretty quick after she finally arrived, luckily those caffeine shots tend to do the trick- don’t help much with the hangover though. I ended up breaking out my old uniform for the event, but with how drunk I got it probably did very little to give me the appearance of any sort of class.

I had expected more of the crew to come, but it was just me, my new boss Lady Castus, and that weird Techpriest guy. I swear it doesn’t matter how many of them you meet, you never quite get used to them; I mean, I know lots of guys with implants and cybernetics, but those technophile weirdos just take it to a whole new level. Like I’m one to talk with my bones trying to burn their way out of me though.

We went over the mission parameters, it looks like I’ll be on this one for the long haul, but there’s far more money in this than anything I’ve ever done. The amount of wealth we’re talking about here puts my entire parent’s estate to shame, and even without the money I think I would still sign on. How many men get an opportunity to sign on with a Rogue Trader?

Still, it’s strange looking at her. She and her sister look so alike it’s almost haunting.
What am I going on about now? It’s been years, and those things are best forgotten. It’s on to adventure.

~ Albane

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 1

Fist log in this expedition into the koronus expanse.
Expedition seems more profitable than the alternative of establishing trade in this sector.
Also higher possibility of encountering archeotech or other valualbles in unknown sector.
Started off on random hive world loading up supplies. Tried to acquire a grapplehawk. None to be found. Pathetic. This would not have happened at a forge world.
Also of note was our failure to find decent transport to our ship. We must buy more guncutters in the future, and just use that as a shuttle.

On our way back to the ship, not in the aforementioned guncutter, we were ambushed by a group of ill-prepared and technologically inferiour mercenaries. Armed with primitive projectile rifles. I vanquished them with my lasgun with a small amount of help from the captain.
Note: we need standby spare guncutters.

Also we fought some warp monster on the ship. Thing broke my servo-skull. Bad form, warp demon.

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