Tag: Black Market


  • Red Schola

    A monolithic slab without decoration, the Red Schola is the slave-hold of the Tutors, a cabal of mysterious slave masters who have made Footfall their base of …

  • Kasballica Mission

    The Kasballica, a great shadow-conclave of Drusus Marches crime barons, watches the exploration of the Halo Stars with interest. The so-called Cold Trade in xenos artefacts (such as rainbow-sheen materials from the Dead Worlds of the Egarian Dominion) …

  • Obsidian Emporial

    The Obsidian Emporial is a bidding house of some fame in Footfall and the greater Koronus Expanse. Run by the mysterious and quite discerning Intercessors, the Obsidian Emporial provides a select few individuals with a place to sell items or information …

  • Elenora Leinova

    She leads a small group of assassins skilled in the use of poisons and stealth. No record is made of how many she commands. She also dabbles in controlling a section of the black market and ensuring an appropriate flow of commodities and wealth.