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    Leader: [[:commander-ignatius | Commander Ignatius]] Unit strength: approx 100 Competent in virtually all methods of warfare and all environments. Most are ex-Kasrkin and hold themselves to the highest combat standards.


    Leader: [[:mont-yr-monty | Mont'yr "Monty"]] Unit Strength: 20 These kroot, including their leader are all winged and their skin is a light blue. They are all equipped with Tau military equipment, though they do not explain how they still have it. …

  • Commander Ignatius

    He leads an elite group of Ex-guardsmen. Not only that, but the vast majority of them are all Cadian Kasrkin trained elite. Those who are not quickly rise to Kasrkin standards or find themselves removed from the organization or dying during a job. He …

  • Mont'yr "Monty"

    Served under no fewer than 4 Rogue Traders and under the Tau before that, Monty only seeks to better his brood by devouring the strongest fighters in the galaxy, be they xenos or...otherwise. Now under contract of Lady Castus, he and his brood have been …