Mikor Primus

Mikor Primus was technically founded as a minor Adeptus Mechanicus Forge world, though production facilities quickly turned to ore refineries for the rest of the system as well as mining on the planet itself. Remaining data is scarce and recent contact with the population on Secundus indicates that every few local years, raiders based on Primus arrive in their ships and destroy infrastructure and murder and abduct people. Abductees are never seen again. Reports also indicate that the raiders themselves are always armored and helmed.

Whatever force lurks on Primus, extreme caution is advised in making contact.

Potential Profit: +1PF based on reports of refineries and if/only if used in conjunction with facilities at Goventum and the Debris Ring.


  • Adeptus Mechanicus contingent to man refineries and mining equipment
  • Orbital shipping platform

Mikor Primus

Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy Vangard