Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Log 2 - Stubber

Ripe for the Picking

I can honestly say that I expected Footfall to at least be run by a legitimate Rogue Trader. Turns out he is using no more than a letter of mark as a claim to his rather lofty seat. My, we’ve hardly travelled a week and we’re already running into characters like these. Footfall is officially ours, as far as I’m concerned. Now, all it will take is the convincing of the rest of the population of this fact.

Of course, its one thing to claim leadership and another thing entirely to actually claim it. I’m already hard at work making plans and laying the foundations for a quick, relatively clean transition of power. After all, I do have some experience in this line of work: this isn’t the first time I’ve challenged the powers that be… Compared to that, this should be a cakewalk.


+100 XP

Log 2 - Stubber

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