Rogue Trader: Totally NOT Space Piracy

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 111

Current status is questionable. Location: command bridge of the space hulk dasignate: purity of insanity.

Before i set foot on this cursed ship, i was confident in my abilities. I had just helped van implant his new sub-dermal armor, and had obtained a new combat shotgun for myself in anticipation of boarding the insanity. I was… content. I was not aware of the forces at work on this ship. The forces that had dragged it away from the imperium of man.

Boarding the ship was easy enough. Although capable of warp travel somehow, it showed on our auspex as dead and cold as the void itself. Reactor offline, no life signs. We were able to enter the ship without problems. We brought a small force onboard to take the bridge and ascertain the ship’s status. It was easy goings at first, we met no resistance, and saw no signs of life. Then things started happening. Van claimed to have seen someone on board the ship. I saw nothing myself. Only more unpowered doors that i had to open.

After several hours of exploring, i must have grown weary. I lost consciousness for a minute, and when i regained it i saw that my third arm had scratched words into the bulkhead. “We see you” trailing off in a had that was not my own. In addition to this, it appears my mechadendrite is somewhat corroded. I have been trying to cleanse it with what rudimentary tools i brought with me while we explore this cursed ship, but to no avail. I will have to have all my parts checked on later.

Also of note in the list of disturbing phenomena is that of the entry hall to the bridge. Myself and van saw eyes. Thousands of them, nailed to the corridor walls near the bridge. After a while, this apparition vanished, but holes remained in the walls. I’m not sure what to make of that. We were, however, able to reach the bridge. It was guarded by two ceiling-mounted autoturrets. I was able to approach the control panel and disable these without a problem. I think that if they served no purpose to the last inhabitants of this ship, they will do us little good as well.

once we finally gained access to the bridge, i was able to access a few systems. I found a terminal with a vidlink. The strange thing about this is that nothing else was powered, and that the vidlink was to the chief tech-priest serving aboard the ship. The oddity of this notwithstanding, I was able to gain instruction on how to continue the startup process that had been interrupted millennia ago. By some miracle of the omnissiah what I did managed to get the core started again. The results of this action were… interesting. The ship seems wrothful, more so than any ship i have been upon. However, more power has been restored and we were able to view the ship’s logs. It appears that the previous captian of this ship was driven mad by something. His final log showed him drawing something in blood on the walls. This does not bode well.

Alas, i think we may be dealing with forces beyond our power here. Our best course of action may be to find this fabled cargo and to transport that out of the ship. That will satisfy nixios’ demands and may not be as hard to acquire as the ship itself. Hopefully i can escape the wrathful eye of whatever sees us here.


11001000 XP! (200 in decimal if i remember my binary correctly)

Malakai - Koronus Expanse Log 111

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